Oceana Spa Capsule

The Oceana Spa capsule includes a full-featured hydrotherapy tub in addition to the wide range of body treatments that we offer at Body Elements Spa & Wellness Centre in the privacy and comfort of our Spa. The capsule has 10 Pre-set programs using a combination of the treatment options below into a comprehensive treatment. The capsule also has 4 pre-set hydro-jet programs.
Treatment Options:
• Vichy Shower

• Steam
• Sauna
• Aromatherapy
• Chromatherapy (Light Therapy)
• Vitamin &Mineral Mist
• Hot & Cold Contrast Therapy
• Vibratory Bed
• Massaging Foot Spray
• Hydrotherapy Tub with 22 massaging hydro-jets
• Hand Jet for underwater massage

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Customize your own experience in the Oceana Spa Capsule with one or more of our facials, body scrubs, body wraps and massages all while using the Oceana Spa. The possibilities are endless; let us help you customize the best treatment for you or try one of the following:

Infrared Sauna in Capsule 20 minutes $32

A luxurious relaxing pre-massage treatment that warms into your muscles, helping tension melt away and enhance the effects of massage. Infrared treatments promote healing of muscle and connective tissue injuries and are an excellent way to slim and detoxify the body.

Vichy Shower Spa Therapy 20 minutes $42

A unique Shower experience where you lay relaxed on a table while multiple shower heads above cascade water down like a waterfall. A great relaxing addition to any one of our body treatments or on its own!

Hydrotherapy Bath Treatment 30 minutes $57

A relaxing soak in the Oceana Spa Hydrotherapy Tub is the perfect way to begin your relaxation journey. Enjoy before any Body Elements Spa experience.

Body Polish & Vichy Shower 30 minutes $87

A full body exfoliation using 100% natural organic luffa grains are blended with organic essential oils to give a gentle, yet thorough exfoliation. A perfect choice alone or before a relaxing body wrap to allow better product absorption. Finishing with a relaxing Vichy Shower, all done in the capsule.

Customized Hydrotherapy Bath 30 minutes $67

Hydrotherapy is used successfully to ease sore muscles, relieve stress, and reduce edema. Reduce stiffness and increase relaxation with your choice of an aromatherapy blend.

Slimming & Cellulite Treatment 45 minutes $152

Tones and sculpts while ridding the body of toxins. Celiminate Tone and Sculpt Cream is applied to the entire body and then lay back and relax while the capsule does its magic. The skin is smooth and the appearance of cellulite is lessened. Stimulates the senses with full spectrum visible light. We suggest this treatment 1 – 2 times per week for 4 – 6 weeks. There should be forty-eight hours between services.

Kneipp Hot & Cold Treatment 40 minutes $77

We begin this service with a revitalizing full body scrub in the capsule and then a combination of hot and cold water therapy will stimulate senses and firm skin. This treatment will revitalize you.

Oceana Bath & Spa Jet Treatment 40 minutes $90

This Treatment includes the full use of the Oceana Spa Bath and the Jet Spa. Relax for the first half in the Ocean Spa Bath followed by the amazing Spa Jet, this includes water vibration, steam, infrared lights, Chromatherapy light treatment and hydrotherapy, which promptly reliefs stress and anxiety. It’s also ideal for meditation, relaxation, and an antioxidant that is fantastic for reducing water retention.