Prenatal Services


We believe that each and every client deserves to be pampered and relaxed… ESPECIALLY our prenatal/postnatal clients. Our bodies go through many changes and discomforts while carrying baby and after birth.  We want to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible every step of the way. Please look through our prenatal services to find the best fit for you.

Prenatal Mommy-To-Be Facial$87

This treatment is designed to relax the client and rejuvenation the skin. We use Eminence Organic Skincare to ensure everything the skin is absorbing is nothing but the best. As you know the skin goes through many hormonal changes while pregnant and this can help target any arising issues.

*Our beds have adjustable elevation for maximal comfort during this service.

Prenatal Lighten Up Leg Treatment$67
Designed for tired and swollen feet and lower legs. Take a break to kick back and let us pamper your feet and lower legs with an extremely relaxing massage. This is a great way to release tension while pregnant.

Prenatal Tummy Treatment$82
This is essentially a facial for your tummy while you’re pregnant. This will leave your ‘bump’ feeling silky smooth and reduce the chance of stretch marks as your pregnancy progresses.

Postnatal Massage   $94
CONGRATS baby is here and now it’s time for you! We have a massage designed for new moms. This massage will take you into a state of pure bliss, while we relax the whole body using our best Swedish techniques. Enjoy this quiet time to yourself and just drift away on cloud 9.