You know that feeling when your makeup looks just how you wanted it to and your eyelashes are long and voluminous? Well we can make sure you feel that way anytime you’d like with our stunning JB Eyelash Extensions and glowing Jane Iredale Makeup Applications. Either one of these services will be tailored to your preferences.

Eyelashes are so powerful! Having a fresh set of JB Lashes will upgrade any look. We can customize your set based on your desired look, just a few possibilities are: Natural, Glam, Volume and more. These eyelash extensions are absolutely breath taking and make ‘getting ready’ a breeze.

Whether you’re wanting your make up done for your big day (wedding or prom) or if you just love that feeling of having your own glam squad, we can make sure the end result is exactly what you like! Maybe you’d like to learn more about our Jane Iredale cosmetics and proper application? We also do makeup lessons for all ages, from teens to seniors.