Pedicure Small

Refresh and re-energize your tender tootsies in one of our state-of the-art massage pedicure chairs. You will unwind with a massage and heat to your lumbar area while the jets massage your feet and calves melting away your daily stresses!

Express Pedicure                                                                       $52

This pedicure is perfect for the client that does not have a lot of time. Does not include exfoliation or a massage.

  • Nails are trimmed and filed
  • Light cuticle work
  • Natural buff or polish
Classic Pedicure                                                                      $67

The Classic pedicure starts the pampering process with a warm foot soak, followed by an exfoliation of the feet and lower legs, gently removing impurities and leaving your skin feeling silky smooth. Your feet are then treated to a relaxing and tranquil massage that will leave you feeling on cloud 9. Your choice of colour is then applied to nails.

  • Warm Epsom Salt Bath Soak
  • Toenails are trimmed, shaped and filed
  • Cuticle care
  • Light callus work
  • Exfoliation
  • Feet & lower leg Massage
  • Natural buff or polish
Aromatherapy Pedicure$82

The perfect pedicure for dry tired feet. All the wonderful features of our Classic Pedicure, with a few special additions like aromatherapy and paraffin. You will love this aromatic pedicure!

  • Aromatherapy journey
  • Warm soak
  • Toenails are trimmed, shaped and filed
  • Cuticle care
  • Callus Eliminator
  • Exfoliation infused with essential oil of choice
  • Feet and lower leg massage
  • Paraffin treatment
  • Natural buff or polish
“On the Rocks”Pedicure$82

Transport yourself to Asia with all the features of our cherished Classic Pedicure utilizing the healing properties of Jade Stones for a unique Asian-inspired pampering foot treatment.

  • Warm soak infused with Lavender Essential Oil
  • Toenails are trimmed, shaped and filed
  • Cuticle care
  • Light callus work
  • Exfoliation infused with Lavender Essential Oil
  • Lower leg & foot massage using warm Jade Stones
  • Natural nail buff or polish
Pedicure Enhancements
Aromatherapy Essential Oil$10.50
French Tip Finish$10.50
Hybrid Cured Polish-Lasts up to 14 days$20.50
Gel Overlay-Lasts up to 4-6 weeks$40.50
Swarovski Crystal.50 each
Nail Art$10.50 & up
Nail Decals.50 each
Toe Wax$7.50
Polish Change$17.50
Paraffin Dip$15.50
Jade Stone Massage$10.50
Callus Eliminator $7.50