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St. Tropez Full Body Spray Tan Only $39.00!


Body Elements Spa professionals are highly trained in the care and beautification of natural nails. Indulge your digits in delightful treatments designed to enhance the health and well being of hands.

Express Manicure $35
This manicure is perfect for the client that does not have a lot of time. Does not include exfoliation or a massage.

  • Nails are trimmed and filed
  • Light cuticle work
  • Natural buff or polish

Classic Manicure $45
The Classic Manicure experience begins with an hydrating coconut milk bath for hands, followed by a gentle exfoliation with coconut crème scrub – all infused with essential oils, enzymes and coconut oil. A body butter wrap for hands instantly revives skin, while milk proteins reduce any appearance of fine lines. Body butter is massaged into the hands and arms and nails are polished to perfection.

  • Warm Milk Bath for hands
  • Nails are trimmed, filed and shaped
  • Cuticle care
  • Exfoliation
  • Hand and forearm massage
  • Natural buff or polish

Aromatherapy Manicure $57
Not just a regular manicure! All of the soothing, luxurious features of the Classic Manicure, but with the addition of an aromatherapy journey and parrafin dip. The results are nothing short of sensational!

  • Warm soak with an essential oil
  • Nails are trimmed, filed and shaped
  • Cuticle care
  • Exfoliation infused with an essential oil
  • Hands and forearms are enveloped in steamed towels
  • Hand and forearm massage with lotion infused with an essential oil
  • Paraffin treatment
  • Natural buff or polish

"On the Rocks" Manicure $57
Revitalize your hands with this luxurious manicure that utilizes the beneficial holistic properties of Jade Stones and Lavender Essential Oil to rejuvenate dry and tired hands.

  • Warm soak infused with lavender essential oil
  • Nails are trimmed, filed and shaped
  • Hand and forearm exfoliation with a soothing scrub
  • Hand and forerm massage with warm jade stones and infused lotion with lavender essential oil
  • Natural buff and polish

Manicure Enhancements
Aromatherapy-Essential Oil $10
French Tip Finish $10
Bio-Sculpture Gel Overlay - Lasts up to 4-6 weeks $40
Hybrid Cured Polish - Lasts up to 14 days $20
Nail Art $10 & up
Swarovski Crystals .50 each
Nail Decals .25 each
Sparkle Finish $10
Finger Wax $7
Polish Change $17
Paraffin Dip $15
Jade Stones Massage $10
Exfoliation $10