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St. Tropez Full Body Spray Tan Only $39.00!



At Body Elements Spa, our estheticians use Epil-Lyss Professional Waxing products for all of our waxing services for your comfort. The wax is enriched with nutrients that leave your skin soft and smooth.

Our male clients are delighted with the results from waxing their backs, chest, legs and everything in between.

Is this your first time? Congrats! We have a convenient checklist to help you prepare for the big day. No pressure on your first visit.


Eye Brow Shaping $20
Creates a defined brow shape & design

Neat & Tidy (Clean-up) $15
Removes all unwanted hair around brows

The Divider (In Between) $10
Unibrow-Free Zone - Removes unwanted hair between the brows


Cheeks/Sideburns $13
Neck (Back of Neck) $15
Nostrils $11
Ears $13
Forehead $12


Underarm $25

Upper Arm $35
Removes hair from elbow to shoulder – Does not include the shoulders

Lower Arm $35
Removes hair from wrist to elbow - Includes hands & fingers.

Full Arm $45
Removes hair from wrist to shoulder – Includes hands &fingers.

Hands and Fingers $10

Shoulders $20
Chest $55
Removes hair from upper torso

Stomach Strip $15
Removes hair 2" to 3" from belly button to panty line

Full Stomach $24
Bottom of pecs to pant line

Upper Back $30
Removes hair from neckline to mid-back

Lower Back $40
Removes hair from mid-back to waist line

Full Back $65
Removes hair from neckline to waist line

Full Back Combo $78
Includes full back, shoulders & neck

Upper Leg $50
Removes hair from knee to hip – Does not include feet & toes

Lower Leg $45
Removes hair from knee to ankle – Includes the feet & toes

Full Leg $75
Removes hair from hip to ankle – Includes the feet & toes

Feet & Toes $10

Full Body $325+
Brows to toes and everything in-between


The Manzilian $80
The Full Monty! Removes all hair including between the cheeks

The Speedo $60
Removes hair from the top & sides

The Derriere $45
Removes all hair on the bum cheeks